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Janine Shepherd

We had the good fortune to be referred to Molly and Rachel of ‘Selling the Slopes’ Real Estate by a Park City friend, and boy did that ever serve us well. They are exceptionally tactical in their approach, making sure to take the time needed to understand our needs and desires and being careful to show us only the properties that met those standards. We found them well prepared for each showing, demonstrating knowledge of property details to a surprising level, given how many different inspections they arranged for us. But where they especially shone was when we made an offer on our top choice property. Molly and Rachel worked tirelessly to go to bat for us, offering valuable counsel that proved to be indispensable in making the best deal possible on our new home. They went out of their way to follow up the contract and escrow process through closing, ensuring the property was represented before our occupancy. I can’t recommend these two professionals highly enough; they’ll represent you tirelessly and without complaint, all the while being a complete pleasure to work and be with.

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